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Thu 25 Jul - Match Betting
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Sunny Akani
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Fri 26 Jul
Anthony Hamilton
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Sat 27 Jul
Anthony McGill
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Sunny Akani
Fan Zhengyi v Sunny Akani Match Betting

Snooker Betting & Odds

Snooker is renowned for its precision, depth of strategy and displays of skill, and has been a key part of the British sporting landscape since the 1870s. Today, it’s the perfect sport to bet on, with its format of multiple frames played per match, and a large number of matches in each tournament. 

At BoyleSports you’ll find the full range of snooker betting markets and odds. Here we’ll explain the types of snooker bets you can make, how odds work and the top snooker tournaments. Plus, we’ve got some tips to help guide your snooker betting.

How do I bet on snooker with BoyleSports?

At BoyleSports, you’ll find an extensive array of snooker betting markets, with betting options for all the ranking snooker tournaments and more. Our most popular snooker bets include:

Tournament winner: An outright bet on the player to win a specific tournament.

Match winner: Bet on who you think will win a specific match.

Frame winner: Bet on who’ll win a frame, such as the first frame of a match or the next frame in-play.

Frame betting: More options on which player will win the most frames and how many.

Century breaks: Bet on a player reaching a score of 100 or more from a break.

To bet on snooker with us, first you need to create your BoyleSports account. Once you’re registered with us, you’ll find all our current snooker betting options right here on this page.

Find a bet you want to make, then click on the odds to add it to your betslip at the top right of this page. You can add your Stake (the amount you want to wager) to each bet in the box available. At the bottom of your betslip, you’ll see your Total Stake wagered and your Total Potential Return – the overall amount you’d win if all your bets are successful. Click on the button below to place the bets on your betslip.

Betting on snooker can be an exciting way to add to the drama of the sport. But to get the most out of your snooker betting, make sure you gamble responsibly. Set a bankroll for your betting (the total amount of money you’re going to wager) and don’t go over it. Make sure you only gamble with money you can afford to lose. 

How do odds work in snooker?

As with other sports betting, you’ll see the odds for snooker bets written as fractions, like 10/1. In this example, these odds mean you’d win back ten times the value of your bet.

For example, if you were to place a successful £1 bet at 10/1, you’d win back £10. Your original £1 stake would also be returned to you, meaning you’d pocket a total of £11.




Stake returned

Total winnings


























Fractional odds often look more complicated than this, such as 10/3. This means if you made a successful £3 bet, you’d win £10 back, plus your original £3 stake. So, a total of £13. If you made a successful £1 bet, you’d win £3.33 back, plus your original £1 stake for a total of £4.33. 

Take a look at these examples of fractional odds and payouts to make sure they’re clear:

View the odds of a snooker bet as a calculation of how likely that bet is to happen, such as a particular player winning a match. Those odds will depend on a range of factors, including: 

- A player’s current ranking

- Recent form 

- The head-to-head history with the opponent they’re facing

- The prestige of the tournament and each player’s history in that competition

- The stage of a tournament 

- How many frames there are in the match

What are the top snooker tournaments to bet on?

Whilst you’ll find snooker tournaments taking place throughout the year – often with multiple ranking tournaments per month – there are some particularly esteemed and historic competitions to watch out for. The highlight of these is the Triple Crown Series – the World Snooker Championship, the UK Championship, and the invitational Masters. 

World Snooker Championship

The pinnacle of the sport, the annual World Snooker Championship is the oldest, most prestigious, and most lucrative tournament in snooker with a prize fund north of £2 million. It’s held each year in spring at the famous Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

UK Championship

A world-renowned, major ranking snooker tournament held towards the end of the year – usually in November or December – at the Barbican in York. The UK Championship has been contested since 1977, and has been the scene for thrilling displays from some of the greats of the sport, like Ronnie O'Sullivan, Steve Davis, and Stephen Hendry.


The second oldest professional snooker tournament in the world, the Masters has seen the top snooker players invited to play in a week-long knockout tournament since 1975. Today, the Masters features 16 top-ranked players, takes place in January each year, and is held at Alexandra Palace.

Other ranking tournaments

Other top-ranking snooker tournaments to follow and bet on include:

Welsh Open

Scottish Open

English Open

Tour Championship

German Masters

Champion of Champions

Shanghai Masters

Tour Championship

World Grand Prix

Tips for snooker betting

Snooker is a sport that rewards considered betting. Pay attention to the following when it comes to placing your snooker bets:

Player form

Players in a current spell of good form will have better chances of winning, and may be more likely to cause upsets. Analyse the recent performance of players, including their results, head-to-head records, and successes in different tournament formats. 

Playing styles

Different players’ styles of play can have a big impact on head-to-head matchups and tournament performances. Some players excel in tactical, slow-paced games whilst others may thrive in faster, more aggressive matches. Try to get a handle of a player’s style, and how it suits the game you’re interested in betting on before placing any bets.

Tournament history and conditions

Certain players over-perform in particular tournaments, and also in certain tournament conditions. Look at players’ past histories with tournaments to pick out names who’ve famously performed well in that competition, or similar ones.

Tournament stage and match length

The early rounds of tournaments often feature shorter matches, which can lead to more upsets. Later stages usually have longer matches, favouring more consistent and experienced players.

Betting resources

It pays to listen to the experts, and you’ll find plenty of expert analysis and opinions to help inform your snooker bets on our BoyleSports blog.

Combining strategic depth, plenty of opportunity for analysis and frequent upsets, snooker is an ideal sport to bet on. With our comprehensive snooker betting markets and our competitive snooker odds, choose BoyleSports for your snooker betting. Create your account today, then place your first snooker bets with BoyleSports.

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