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Central Park 19:56 - 277m (D2)
(EW 1/4 1,2)
Franco Skye
T: P B Philpott
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Chic Le Freak
T: D Puddy
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Fairy Dust
T: D Puddy
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Diegos Zoe
T: A M P Collett
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Ross Diva
T: D P Brabon
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Glasheen Mist
T: S Mavrias
Racing Post Rating:   N/A
Weight:   0st 0lbs


Greyhound Racing Betting & Odds

Greyhound Betting & Racing Odds 

In the UK and Ireland Greyhound racing is an institution that dates back at least as far as 1876. Today, greyhound racing events are held throughout the UK and Ireland, year-round, giving you plenty of opportunities place a greyhound bet throughout the year.  

At BoyleSports, you can get in on the fast-paced, exciting action of the dogs with a just few clicks. You’ll find a wide selection of greyhound betting options right here, with competitive odds for races held throughout the country and further afield. 

To help get you started with greyhound racing, here we explain how to place a greyhound bet, including the types of bets you can place and how greyhound betting odds work. 

How do I bet on greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing & betting can look complicated, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. First, you need to pick a race, and then at least one dog in that race to bet on. 

You’ll see all the upcoming greyhound races you can bet on with BoyleSports right here on this page. Simply click on a race to see more details, including the dogs that are running and their odds. You can click on a bet offered beside a greyhound to add it to your bet slip. In your bet slip you can then add your stake and choose which kind of bet system you want to place:


Win bet: You bet on which dog will finish first. 

Place bet: You bet on a dog to finish first or finish second. 

Show bet: You bet on a dog to first, second, or third. 

Quinella bet: You bet on two dogs to finish first and second, but in any order.


Exacta bet: You bet on two dogs to finish first and second, and in an exact order.


Trifecta bet: You bet on three dogs to finish first, second, and third, and in an exact order. 

Superfecta bet: You bet on four dogs to finish first, second, third, and fourth, and in an exact order. 

Your betting slip will show what bets you’ve placed on a race and the dogs you’ve bet on. You’ll see the odds for each bet and the Stake you’ve wagered. At the bottom of the betting slip, you’ll see your Total Stake, combining all your stakes for that race. Plus a Total Potential Return, which is the total amount of money you’ll make if you win all of your bets. 

To get the most out of greyhound betting, always bet responsibly. Set limits on how much money you spend on gambling and don’t go over them. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you win, it’s better to quit while you’re ahead. Or at least to save a portion of it, than risk losing it all.  

How do odds work on greyhound betting?


Betting odds are a judgement on how likely a greyhound is to win the race.  

You’ll see greyhound racing odds written as fractions at BoyleSports, like 10/1. If a dog has 10/1 odds, it means if you bet £1 on that dog, and you win, you’ll get £10 back (plus your £1 stake). 

Fractional betting odds can often look more complicated, with odds like 9/2, but the same applies. If you wager £2 at 9/2, a successful bet will give you £9 in winnings, and your £2 stake back. If you bet £1, a win would get you £4.50 in winnings, plus your £1 stake back. 

Take a look at these examples of greyhound fractional bets to make sure they’re easy to understand: 




Stake returned 

Total winnings 


























The more likely a greyhound is to win a race, the lower its odds will be, and the lower your winnings for a successful bet. The more complex you make a bet – such as placing a Trifecta or Superfecta bet – the longer its odds will become, and the higher your potential winnings. 

The odds for each greyhound to win a race will depend on a range of factors, including a dog’s recent form, its history with the type of race, trap position, track conditions (these can have a big impact on a dog’s performance), and the age and health of a dog (younger hounds tend to be better performers). 

What are the top greyhound racing competitions/events?  

With greyhound races running almost every day of the year, you’ll find plenty of greyhound betting opportunities at BoyleSports. There are some particularly historic and prestigious greyhound races to look out for, including: 

English Greyhound Derby 

Founded in 1927, and one of the most famous greyhound races in the world, the English Greyhound Derby is held at the Towcester Greyhound Stadium in Northamptonshire, usually in May or June. Over 180 dogs compete in multiple races, with the winner of the final taking home a £175,000 prize. 

Irish Greyhound Derby 

The Irish counterpart to the English Greyhound Derby was founded only a year later, in 1928. Held at Shelbourne Park in Dublin towards the end of summer each year, rounds of races take place over successive weekends. The winner of the final is awarded €125,000 from a prize purse of €300,000. 

Other major events

As well as the two major derbies, get involved in the best of the other greyhound race betting by wagering on: 

The Golden Jacket: Run at the Crayford Stadium in London in February.


The Melbourne Cup: Held in Australia in November. 

The Greyhound Race of Champions: A yearly race held in the US, usually in spring, that sees eight of the top-performing greyhounds in America picked to race one another. 

The New Zealand Cup: Usually run at the Addington Raceway in Christchurch each summer. 

Greyhound betting is fast, exciting and easy to get into. Plus, it offers the chance of real cash winnings. Create an account with BoyleSports today to bet on the dogs with us.

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